X Chair

Designed by Bala Nagothu
Made by Atelier Bala

The X Chair is an invitation to escape every day’s life and routine, and reconnect with our inner world in an intimate environment. Combining distinctive geometry with softness by blending curves seamlessly, it aims to act as a trigger – or gateway – where one can reconcile with their personal landscape and comfort zone, leaving every day struggles behind and creating space for much needed personal time. This chair pays homage to the comforting objects from our childhood – a blanket, a plush toy – intending to create a similar connection for the person reposing in the chair. 

The chair is handmade, using the moldable qualities of carbon fiber to create a thin and flexible structure – playfully bouncy but completely stable – surprisingly solid, and strong enough to hold up to two people. Offered in different colors with optional leather and fabric finishes, it can be customized to make your “me time” an unique and personal experience.


W 106,68 cm x D 69,85 cm x H 88,9 cm
W 42" x D 27.5" x H 35"


Carbon fiber (bidirectional and unidirectional), epoxy, foam core.
Finishes: Hand stitched leather upholstery, carbon fiber/paint with protective clear coat

Ships in

8-10 Weeks