Wet Coils - Planter

Designed by Jess Fugler
Made by Jess Fugler

Wet Coils is a series of ceramic experiments by Jess Fugler that was completed during a residency in Finland. Clay was collected from the bottom of a local lake and dried in the sun to become firm enough to work with as traditional processed clay. The nature of the wet coiling drying process leaves cracks, gaps, and tears in the final object. In order to hold water or small materials, an additional internal vessel may be needed.

"As a designer, my work requires me to be precise and in control of the process and materials in order to get a desired result. By unlearning this practice of control, I let the nature of the clay and gravity form the final object. Starting with a concept sketch, I work quickly rolling the wet clay into spiraling, coiled forms. The forms are not adjusted or analyzed after building but instead they are left alone where the coils often droop, fold onto themselves, and crack while drying. The fired ceramic results are preserved moments in time, showing the natural material movement of the clay and the playfulness of unlearning as a designer.", says Fugler.

One-ofa-kind object 


4.5" x 4.5"


Twice fired earthenware (darker finish)