Walrus - Edition of 15, signed - Framed

Designed by Rop van Mierlo
Made by The Wrong Shop
$675.00 $1,195.00

Occupying all of the composition, artist Rop van Mierlo offers an immediate, striking vision of a walrus in this large-scale contemporary art print. Rop’s spontaneous yet simple practice of wet-on-wet painting is fitting with his idea of creating uncontainable creatures. His use of the medium of watercolour allows the paint to soften and bleed to amazing effect.

Rop van Mierlo returns to The Wrong Shop with his first limited-edition print series – be immersed by his intriguing, shape-shifting animals. Walrus is released alongside Frog, Dolphin and Cat editions.

“What’s different about these limited-editions is that I’m working on a larger scale - almost double the size of paper compared to my previous work!” - Rop van Mierlo



Print size: W: 100 cm x H: 140 cm
W: 39.3" x H: 55.1"


Digitally printed with mineral-based archival inks and produced using 300gsm Platinum Etching paper.


Limited Edition Print, 2022

Signed and numbered by the artist.