Torus Ottoman

Designed by Umberto Bellardi Ricci
Made by Tacchini

While visiting the factory that produces his prototypes, Umberto Bellardi Ricci came across the elbows of the ventilation ducts. They are grouped in sets of four and wrapped in crossed ropes, with a unique and intriguing shape that resembles a donut. This discovery served as a source of inspiration for Ricci, who dubbed them "torus" and used them as the foundation for his distinctive poufs. These poufs feature overlapping volumes that blend industrial materials with soft and refined finishes to create a new aesthetic and function. Ricci's reinterpretation of these industrial components offers a fresh and innovative approach to design, transforming something ordinary into an exceptional piece of furniture.


Ø: 83 cm x H: 42 cm
Ø: 32.7" x H: 16.5"

Ø: 63 cm x H: 30 cm
Ø: 24.8" x H: 11.8 cm

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