Three Legged Dining Chair

Designed by Ricardo Graham
Made by Precious Collection

Made in tropical Brazilian hardwood and natural fiber cord, The 3 Legged Chair uniqueness comes hand in hand with its simplicity and superb craftsmanship. The shape of the backrest is created by a natural fiber cord, the tension of which is generated from a toggle stick that twists the cord under the seat, an elegant, simple and very effective solution.

Here the artist will select Precious FSC and PEFC certified species among which roxinho, muirapiranga, muiracatiara.

This limited edition will be produced, numbered, signed and certificated by the artist especially for the Precious Collection.


W: 45 cm x D: 45 cm x H: 77 cm
W: 17.72" x D: 17.72" x H: 30.32"