Taiki Outdoor Lamp

Designed by CRS
Made by Paola Lenti

These suspension lamps are crafted by spirally sewing a rope cord, and they are complemented by lamp shades made of semi-transparent polyester cord that amplifies the brightness of the lamps.

Available in 3 shapes.

Model AC315E
Ø: 43 cm x H: 29 cm
Ø: 17" x H: 11"

Model AC316E
Ø: 43 cm x H: 30 cm
Ø: 17" x H: 12"

Model AC317E
Ø: 60 cm x H: 24 cm
Ø: 24" x H: 9"


Rope Corda 10

More Details

Protection IP65
Electrification: Class III
Non-replaceable LED module, diffused light 10W

Taiki is supplied with suspension
cable complete with the cylinder for
the fixing to the ceiling at the desired
height, power cable and power LED
The lamp is LED powered but offers
the same warmth and harmony of a
traditional lighting bulb.

Ships in

6-8 Weeks