Sisu Dining Table

Designed by Bala Nagothu
Made by Atelier Bala

“Sisu” is a quintessential Finnish quality, a term that refers to the qualities that define strength of character - fortitude, resoluteness, perseverance. It epitomizes determination and purpose in overcoming adversities and challenges life presents, even against all odds.

Bala happened upon two rare large boards of Wenge, an African hardwood. This chance find was a determining factor in the design of this limited edition table. The natural shape of the board was preserved, maintaining the contrast between the outer sapwood and the beautiful, distinctive grain of the hardwood, evoking the flux of a river with its sinuous shape – a figurative metaphor for the flow of life.

The understructure of the table is composed of six aluminum legs, all of different measures, and support plates. The direction of the darker legs is intended to capture the dynamic of movement of an oppressive force. A single leg, symbolically plated in gold, provides the essential counterbalance and stability – an allusion to the power of one’s convictions. Together, these elements project the idea of resilience against overwhelming odds. The final result is a defiant, compelling piece, provoking and inviting the viewer to reflect on its composition.


L 117 x W 35 x H 30 inches


Plate and bar stock Aluminum. Black chrome and 22K gold plating. Rare wenge board, Oil/lacquer finish.

Ships in

8-10 Weeks