Prelude Bookcase

Designed by Bala Nagothu
Made by Atelier Bala

At first glance, Prelude is a bookshelf. Looking closer, it can be a metaphor of the premise that, at any given moment, each of us are the sum of our memories. The upward looking face profile suggests a ubiquitous desire to continue to collect meaningful experiences in our lives. The books, albums, sculptures, and other objects that find place on these shelves are manifestations of these accumulated memories. The random orientation is an implication that our memories are stored in no particular order in our consciousness. 

The subtle refinements of construction details, such as the gradual negative slope of the front face for better stability, the natural contours of the fore edges of the walnut shelves, and the hidden fastening elements supplement the aesthetic charm of Prelude. When viewed with these insights, the object assumes a more profound meaning and transcends from a purely utilitarian piece to something more personal and suggestive – a typical characteristic of Bala’s work.


W 227,33 cm x D 35,56 cm x H 246,38 cm
W 89.5" x D 14" x H 97"


Aluminum, walnut boards. Paint on metal, Oil/lacquer finish on wood.

Ships in

8-10 Weeks