Pacha Lounge Chair - Fully Upholstered

Designed by Pierre Paulin
Made by GUBI

The Pacha Lounge Chair, originally created in 1975 by the renowned French designer Pierre Paulin, embodies his visionary approach to design. Paulin embraced the evolving design trends of the time, moving away from the austerity of post-war aesthetics and introducing a fresh and dynamic perspective.

In his quest for perfection, Paulin skillfully infused the rounded forms of the Pacha Lounge Chair with a true sense of elegance. He achieved this by meticulously determining the ideal proportions, elevating it slightly on its base, and incorporating inwardly inclined stitching lines into the foam and upholstery. Through these deliberate design choices, Paulin not only created a visually appealing piece but also pioneered a new way of living and sitting on the floor, discarding the need for traditional chair legs.

With comfort as his unwavering priority, Paulin crafted the Pacha Chair's curvaceous, whimsical, and organic shapes to cater to the human body, ensuring both relaxation and coziness. Today, just as it did upon its inception, the Pacha Lounge Chair stands as a testament to Paulin's commitment to honesty and functionality in design. Its presence infuses any setting with vitality and character, making it a timeless and essential addition to contemporary spaces.


D 33.5" x W 30.3" x H 25.6 cm, Seat height: 14.5"
D 85 x W 77 x H 65 cm, Seat height: 37 cm

Ships in

12-14 weeks