Office Desk

Designed by Bodil Kjær
Made by Karakter

We are proud to present our first design from a Danish designer. In this case, Danish architect, professor, and designer, Bodil Kjær. The iconic desk, designed in 1959, was the first of its kind with its pure and simplistic design, almost floating mid-air. Bodil Kjærs’ design has been called ‘The most beautiful desk in the world’ – or, the ‘James Bond desk’ as it was featured prominently in three early Bond movies.

Coveted by renowned modernist architects Marcel Breuer, José Luis Sert and Paul Rudolph, Danish architect Bodil Kjær's Office Desk from 1959 has been dubbed 'the most beautiful desk in the world'. Elevated on slender steel legs, the spacious, freestanding work table has an air of architectural transparency and is as practical as it is handsome. With its exquisitely pure lines, Office Desk is a premier example of Danish Modern design principles. 

The Office Unit series was part of Kjær's design concept, Elements of Architecture, a range of functional furniture for open and flexible workspaces and everyday life developed in the 50s and 60s. Its timeless sophistication has over the years placed it front and center on BBC's election night broadcasts as well as in three early James Bond movies.


W: 180 cm x D: 90 cm x H: 75 cm
W: 70.86" x D: 35.4" x H: 29.5"


Oak, oak veneer, alu
Finish: Clear lacquered oak, lacquered alu