No Flags - Wall Mounted Cabinet - Slim

Designed by Zaven
Made by Zaven
"No Flags" by Zaven is a collection that explores how design can challenge cultural assumptions and social connotations. Through deconstructing common-use design objects and distorting their traditional aesthetic qualities, Zaven highlights the entrenchment of cultural implications in design. By metaphorically subverting the symbolism of flags and using joyful combinations of colors, Zaven fosters dialogue, openness, and non-nationalist viewpoints. 

W: 23.6" x D: 12.8" x H: 52.3"
W: 60 cm x D: 32.5 cm x H: 133 cm


High gloss lacquered MDF, Walnut veneered internal frame, Aluminum french cleats mounting system

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10-12 weeks