Niwa Rug

Designed by Office of Tangible Space
Made by Office of Tangible Space
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The Office of Tangible Space has designed the Niwa Collection for Aelfie with the intention of creating a timeless masterpiece. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese concept of "pure place," represented by the word "Niwa" meaning garden, this collection serves as a collection of artistic explorations in form, color, and texture. Its purpose is to provide an ideal warm backdrop for any living space. The collection seamlessly blends rectilinear and organic shapes, defying the conventional limitations of size and form typically associated with rugs.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the hand-knotted pile of these rugs showcases intricate hand-carved patterns, influenced by the raked lines found in traditional Japanese rock gardens. The plush and voluminous pile offers a luxuriously soft feel underfoot and provides a comfortable cushion for relaxing or taking a nap. The color palette spans from subtle hues of neutral tan and gray, imparting a gentle touch, to vibrant tones of burgundy, blue, green, and mustard, serving as striking accents that can transform a space into a captivating focal point.


Available in standard sizes:

Custom sizes available


Hand-knotted construction with hand-carved detailing.
100% wool.

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