Frei Side table

Designed by F. Rota
Made by Paola Lenti
Side table available in two dimensions and heights.
Frei series also includes a three-seater sofa and sectional elements with right and left arm.

The natural materials featured in the Eres collection can be used outdoors, but not be directly exposed to the elements, and require some extra attention and care than traditional outdoor furniture. These products need to be used under a stable cover and to be protected overnight. It is also recommended that they are sheltered indoors for seasonal protection. Some of the materials will mature and will change appearance and colour over time. And this will naturally happen.

W: 91,4 cm x D: 91,4 cm x H: 20,3 cm
W: 36" x D: 36" x H: 8"

W: 91,4 cm x D: 91,4 cm x H: 33"
W: 36" x D: 36" x H: 13"

W: 193 cm x D: 91,4 cm x H: 20,3 cm
W: 76" x D: 36" x H: 8"

W: 193 cm x D: 91,4 cm x H: 33"
W: 76" x D: 36" x H: 13"


Structure: bamboo panels, treated with a water-based finish that do not affect the wood colour and the naturalness of the surface. Plastic spacers.

– bamboo slats
– Venice
– Opus

More Details

The bamboo panels mature over time, changing in colour, compactness and texture, without this affecting their quality.

The tops in Venice are treated to be water and oil repellent and wax polished, to make them suitable for an outdoor use.

The Opus tops, made of concrete decorated with a glass mosaic, are provided internally with an aluminium honeycomb plate that enhance its stability and resistance; the tops are treated to limit absorption of liquids and greasy substances, however, we cannot guarantee their complete sealing and water proofing.

The production process of the tops in Venice and Opus makes each piece unique. The materials and the production techniques lead to different tops, even in the same batch. Irregularity is the featuring characteristic of these materials.

The product can be used also in interior environments.

We advise to use a Winter Set protection cover.