Flora Sculpture - Yellow

Designed by Alissa Coe
Made by Alissa Coe Studio


The ‘Flora’ family of sculptures honors the wild plants which surround Alissa Coe's Studio in hills of the Alta Langa in Piemonte, Italy - their colors, vibrant and muted; their forms, simple and dramatic - celebrating all their complex details.

"Living in this place among such a bounty of flora we have noticed that although the plants surrounding us are in constant transition from one ephemeral stage to the next, they are also static, literally rooted in place. It was obvious to us that trees would be this way but we had never thought of the permanence of wildflowers. Now as the years pass in this place and we become increasingly familiar with the land, we recognize the same wild plants showing themselves in the same locations throughout the changing seasons and stages. We find ourselves anxiously awaiting the arrival of a particular flower as we would an old friend arriving for a visit.

This dichotomy between fleeting and timeless is so curious and compelling to us. It reinforces the feeling we have here of being visitors to an ancient, perpetual gathering.

The wild plants themselves, almost immortal in their ceaseless renewal, are intricate and complex, designed for function, delicate and momentary and yet incredibly enduring. We are deeply inspired by this powerful blend of characteristics." -Alissa Coe


W 49.5 x D 28 x H 41 cm
W 19.5" x D 11" x H 16.1"



Ships in

12-16 Weeks