Flock Ottoman

Designed by Kateryna Sokolova
Made by NOOM
The “Flock” furniture collection draws on the idea that home is a place of comfort, sanctuary, and gathering and should be filled with personalized, character-rich, and eye-catching statement objects.

Soft, voluptuous, sensual forms, natural materials, and pleasant-to-the-touch surfaces reflect a desire for warmth and cocooning.

"Subtly curved artistic silhouettes, soft fabric, and wooden legs define the furniture's relaxation and cuteness. We wanted to create furniture that would become part of the family, intimate and beloved," - said Kateryna Sokolova, designer of the Flock collection.

The name "Flock," which means "to move or come together," refers to the collection's role as a peaceful oasis and the main meeting space within the home.

Ø 70 cm x H 41 cm
Ø 27.5" x H 16.14"


wood, plywood, metal, moulded foam, textile.

Ships in

14-16 weeks