Ferrão 7/8” Sconce

Designed by Estúdio Rain
Made by Estúdio Rain
Ferrão 7/8” is a new edition of the Ferrão lamp - launched in 2018 - made of turned solid brass. The pieces have small differences from the original design, having reduced thickness and discreet electrified steel cables. This version seeks to give an even cleaner look to the lamps which are composed of a slender body, with reduced thickness and sharp edges, referring to the image of a sting. The spike-shaped ends give the pieces tension, but also serenity, as it turns it into a line that disappears smoothly in the environment. The aim was to create a design that does not strive for attention, yet draws the eye for its delicacy. The thin shape seeks a synthetic and precise existence: beauty is right in the subtlety of the form. The collection is composed of a pendant and a wall lamp made of solid brass. Both lamps have a rotating body, which allows directing the light source to the walls or to the environment, creating a direct or indirect ilumination.

W: 8 cm x D: 2.2 cm x H: 130 / 160 / 190 cm
W: 3.1" x D: 0.86" x H: 51.1" / 62.9" / 74.8"


Solid brass

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14-16 Weeks