Dolphin - Edition of 30, signed - Unframed

Designed by Rop van Mierlo
Made by The Wrong Shop
$515.00 $795.00

This vibrant frog print will make a wonderful addition to your collection. The artist's use of scale, vivid colour and the wet-on-wet painting technique, highlights the creature's curious face and draws the eye to the explosive watercolour forms. Sure to brighten up any room and bring to mind the frogs tropical habitat.

Rop van Mierlo returns to The Wrong Shop with his first limited-edition print series – be immersed by his intriguing, shape-shifting animals.

“What’s different about these limited-editions is that I’m working on a larger scale - almost double the size of paper compared to my previous work!” - Rop van Mierlo



Print size: W: 70 cm x H: 90 cm
W: 27.5" x H: 35.5"


Digitally printed with mineral-based archival inks and produced using 300gsm Platinum Etching paper.


Limited Edition Print, 2022

Signed and numbered by the artist.