Desert Vase, Tall

Designed by Jes Paone
Made by Jes Paone

Made of porcelain using a unique fabrication technique developed with Paone’s paternal aunt, the ceramicist Anne Paone, each piece in the Desert Series is a unique work of art with two new additions in this series, the Desert Table Lamp and Large Desert Pendant in the Negative Finish, offer the same visual and textural elements, but in an alluring shade of black with blackened brass hardware. The Negative Finish, conceived with new collaborator ceramicist Jeff Nimeh takes the original series and inverts the aesthetic using metallic oxides and carbonates. Inspired by the beauty of a dried-out desert lake bed, each piece is a handmade one-of-a-kind object that produces a mysterious quality when internally lit, embracing the flaws and accidents inherent in the craft and process of making — allowing the series to adopt the wabi-sabi ethos centering on the “acceptance of transience and imperfection.” 



D: 17,7 - 25,4 cm x H: 30,4 - 38,1 cm
D: 7”-10” x H: 12”-15”


raw porcelain, white glazed interior


Each porcelain is unique work of art that will have varying levels of opacity,
cracking, small holes & assymetrical shape distortions that result from the process
of making