Cerchi Side Table

Made by Paola Lenti

Cerchi is a series composed of majolica side tables and by side tables with glass top and base consisting of independent elements made of majolica.




W: 50 cm x D: 30 cm
W: 19" x D: 12"

W: 40 cm x D: 30 cm
W: 15" x D: 12"

Square Table
W: 150 cm x D: 150 cm x H: 31 cm
W: 59" x D: 59" x H: 12"

Round table
Ø: 140 cm x H: 31 cm
Ø: 55" x H: 12"


Single cylindrical elements made of majolica.

Base: majolica cylindrical elements with different dimensions and positioned according to a pre-established scheme.
Top: transparent extra-light tempered glass available both square and round.

The side tables code B175F and B175G and the elements composing the base of the side tables B175A and B175B are made and decorated by hand with exclusive colours by Nicolò Morales.

More Details

The material, the particular handwork and the production techniques used for the bases lead to colour and design differences among its components. Irregularity is the featuring characteristics of this production process: it is impossible to guarantee identical set of elements in different tables even within the same order.

This product can be used also in interior environments.

We advise to use a Winter Set protection cover.