Aqua Regis

Designed by Studiopepe
Made by Tacchini
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The Aqua Regis amphora derives its name from the famous liquid named by alchemists for its ability to dissolve gold.‎ Thrown on a potter’s wheel and made of engobed semi-refractory, the amphora is a rounded structure with a single lateral handle and ample footed base.‎

W: 16 cm x D: 23 cm x H: 35 cm
W: 6.2" x D: 9" x H: 13.7"

W: 16 cm x D: 22,5 cm x H: 25,5 cm
W: 6.2" x D: 8.85" x H: 10"

W: 12 cm x D: 12 cm x H: 31,5 cm
W: 4.7" x D: 4.7" x H: 12.4"


Refractory Ceramic

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