Anhelo Rug

Designed by Bi Yuu
Made by Bi Yuu
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Bi Yuu's first collection in Bhadohi, India, was born from the Mexican graphics of the 60s, which sought to position the country as a modern and avant-garde place, but with a strong pre-Hispanic heritage. It is in this dichotomy, between what comes from outside and their heritage, that Anhelo was born, a combination between Bi Yuu's design and the wealth of techniques that Bhadohi and its weavers brought to this project.

Hand-tufted 80% New Zealand Wool / 20%
Bamboo Silk. 5,000 GSM (gr. per m2) 14 mm a 20 mm. Weight: / m2: 5 kg. per m2.
GoodWeave Certification