Altar Side Table

Designed by EWE Studio
Made by Tacchini

The rich Mexican artisanal heritage is rediscovered through innovative techniques and mediums that blend sculpture and functionality. Meticulous craftsmanship is evident in the intricate markings and trajectories etched onto flat and pristine surfaces, while the senses are drawn to the use of natural materials and the novel sensory contrasts they create. Drawing inspiration from pre-Hispanic altars, these low tables come in a variety of finishes, including ceramic, concrete, and cedar wood, and represent the first collaboration between Tacchini and EWE Studio. This project embodies a reflection of tradition within design, forging ideas that are substantive and meaningful.


W: 50 cm x D: 53 cm x H: 50 cm
W: 19.7" x D: 18.9" x H: 19.7"


Plaster cement, Terracotta cement, Green cement, Yellow ceramic, Green ceramic, Brow ceramic, Cedar

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