Pavilion Chair AV2

Designed by Anderssen & Voll
Made by &tradition
Located on the castle grounds of Copenhagen’s Kastellet overlooking the waterfront promenade that is home to the Little Mermaid, The Langelinie Pavilion stands with a resilient spirit. The first Pavilion was built in 1885. Echoing its own ability to endure is the Pavilion chair by Andersen & Voll. Here the challenge was to design a stackable chair used for mass seating in this iconic, multi-purpose venue, the Langelinie Pavilion. The Pavilion chair has an airy feeling, with slim arms and legs that give it a light appearance. Now available in a contemporary chrome frame.

W: 56 cm D: 52,5 cm H: 77,5 cm
W 22.1" D 20.7" H 30.5"


Steel tubes and formpressed veneer

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Strength, Durability and Safety Testing
The chair is tested for strength, durability and safety according to:

EN 16139 Level 2 -extreme contract use

Produced in Latvia by Kvist Industries A/S