Cat - Edition of 15, signed - Unframed

Designed by Rop van Mierlo
Made by The Wrong Shop
$515.00 $795.00

An animal print full of immense fun. The artist has created a charming cat with his abstracted approach and playful use of giant scale. As ever, Rop paints using the wet-on-wet technique, allowing the paint to bleed. This blurred effect perfectly captures the cat’s soft fur - a unique, alluring artwork.

Rop van Mierlo returns to The Wrong Shop with his first limited-edition print series – be immersed by his intriguing, shape-shifting animals. Cat is released alongside Frog, Dolphin and Walrus editions.

“What’s different about these limited-editions is that I’m working on a larger scale - almost double the size of paper compared to my previous work!” - Rop van Mierlo



Print size: W: 100 cm x H: 135 cm
W: 39.37" x H: 53.15"

Framed size: W: 103 cm x D: 3cm x H: 138 cm
W: 40.55" x D: 1.18" x H: 54.33


Digitally printed with mineral-based archival inks and produced using 300gsm Platinum Etching paper.


Limited Edition Print, 2022

Signed and numbered by the artist.