Heddles throw

Designed by Karin Carlander
Made by Karakter

Weaver and textile artist Karin Carlander interprets classic techniques as the backbone of her creative process. Two new designs – a rectangular rug woven from paper yarn and a fringed throw in alpaca wool – showcase this craftsmanship in contemporary pieces for the home.

When it came to the Heddles throw, Carlander selected alpaca wool from the Andes mountains. These thin, glossy fibers were woven into a luxurious blanket that features a subtle ridged design. Along the throw’s edge, a delicate fringe invites a closer look at the construction process, which sees the loom’s warp and weft working together.

“This analogue way of creating is a collaboration between my loom and the material,” says Carlander. “The way threads and colours perform is new and unexpected with each material. Even after so many years, the craft continues to surprise me.”


W: 200 cm x D: 130 cm
W: 78.7" x D: 51.18"


100% Baby Alpaca


Colour: Green, grey or walnut