Orpheus Dining Table

Designed by Lorenzo Bini
Made by Tacchini

Lorenzo Bini draws inspiration from the work of Cy Twombly to create an original dining table that embodies an indefinite shape, a gesture, and a single material. In this contemporary design piece, a marble top is crafted by tracing a portion of the famous "Orpheus" painting from 1979. The top is supported by five legs, made by combining slightly staggered strips of the same marble. This design invites individuals to take a seat and pay homage to the artwork from which it was shaped and the artist who created it. Bini's unique creation transforms Twombly's work into a functional piece of art that adds elegance and sophistication to any dining space.


L: 200 cm x D: 161 cm x H: 73 cm
W: 78.8" x D: 63.4" x H: 28.7"

Ships in

12-14 Weeks