Tube Lights

Designed by Objects of Common Interest
Made by Objects of Common Interest

Tube Lights is a series of lights – floor, wall and ceiling mount – abstract sculptural articulations, lit from within, that appear to be pliant or soft yet powerful, as they emerge from and recede into the floor and walls.

The three primary pieces consist of #1 a half circle, positioned on the ground as a floor piece, a wall sconce or a ceiling mount, #2 a floor lamp that gently leans against a wall and #3 a quarter circle that sits in a wall, ceiling or floor right angle corner in an ambiguous composition.

The primary pieces composition is seen as a lighting installation placed atop mirror polished stainless steel plates extending the original shapes, bent again and constantly changing.


Tube Light I: W: 15,24 cm x D: 69,85 cm x H: 69,85
W: 6" x D: 27.5" x H: 27.5"

Tube Light II: W: 15,24 cm x D: 69,85 cm x H: 190,5 cm
W: 6" x D: 27.5" x H: 75"

Tube Light III: W: 134,6 cm x D: 15,24 cm x H: 69,85 cm
W: 53" x D: 6" x H: 27.5"


Acrylic, steel mounting, led lights