Rêve Bed

Designed by Bala Nagothu
Made by Atelier Bala

It can be easily assumed that about a third of a person’s existence is spent in a bed. Some of the most important and intimate moments in life take place there, from the first breath to, many times, the last; it is a place of repose, dream, love, coziness, safety.  Rêve was conceived to be a portal between the oneiric world and daily life, a physical representation of a dreamscape. 

Subverting the traditional square, boxy shapes of beds, the design incorporates curves, meant to create a safe and inviting place where comfort and protection, so necessary to allow us to let down our guard and surrender to good dreams, are the final objective. 

Although Rêve’s surprising shape incorporates soft edges and lines meant to bring a sense of gentleness and plasticity, its structure is sturdy and strong.


W 254 cm x D 195,58 cm x H 91,44 cm
W 100" x D 77" x H 36"


Fiber glass, carbon fiber, foam core, epoxy, closed surface honeycomb panels

Ships in

8-10 Weeks