"The location of our studio and home has a deep influence on our ideas and our work. We live in a place where humans have co-existed with nature for thousands of years, in a house built of stone and wood, the materials taken directly from the land around it. The house was built according to local traditions in a straight-forward, utilitarian way by the hard-working people who lived here. Very little has changed in the house and its surroundings in hundreds of years. As a result there is a pervading sense of timelessness and a durable quality that the roughly hewn, time-worn natural materials provide. In the past the house was full of activity - they were people who raised animals and crops on every part of this land. Now, it is very quiet, just the two of us. The forest long ago began to re-populate the terraced hills and wild animals have replaced the farm animals. There is a profound peacefulness punctuated by birdsong and the sounds of the forest’s creatures. Here the past has endured and stands firmly, watching with a guardian’s eye as the present unfolds tentatively through its domain. This protracted pace offers us a refuge, a moment to pause and reflect on the chaotic modern world we are part of.

We draw inspiration from our pared down surroundings: the raw natural materials, tranquility, timelessness, simplicity, and the power of the natural world around us. We aim to imbue our work with some of these characteristics, to create objects that are capable of silently communicating the feeling of this place to others."